Diabesity + Obesity = Diabesity!

Diabetes and Obesity = DIABESITY

Diabesity is a word coined to describe the diabetes and obesity epidemic that is becoming extremely serious across the world. Research shows that obesity is a critical factor in leading to the onset of diabetes. Earlier thought of as a condition affecting Western countries, the latest statistics show the alarming rise of diabesity in developing countries.

For example, Type 2 diabetes in adults is at around 19% in Sri Lanka, 23% in Kuwait, and close to 20% in India. Given the enormous population in a country like India, this means a huge number of people with diabetes.

While there could be other factors, obesity is the main trigger for the onset of Type 2 diabetes. People who are obese increase the likelihood of developing type 2 diabetes by 37 times – a massive risk! This is an epidemic that can be confronted, however the ways of intervening must be culturally sensitive.

(EiD Meeting to Address Global Pandemic of ‘Diabesity’.  Medscape. Feb 21, 2014.)

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