From a Couch Potato to your first 5 K in the next 2 months!

Getting from the Couch to a 5 K (or any other fitness activity!)

Summer is a great time to jumpstart your move towards wellness – physical fitness in particular. This is a series that will invite you to move from being a couch potato to completing your first 5 K run in the next two months. The two main pillars are that you should be injury free during this transition AND you should have FUN!

Let’s start!

1. Establish baseline health parameters:  If you’ve been away from regular physical activity then the first step is to meet with your doctor and get the following baseline data:

  • Weight
  • BMI (using your height you can then calculate your BMI using an online calculator from Uncle Google)
  • Blood pressure
  • Cholesterol level
  • Waist size

We’ll talk a little more about the impact of these factors a bit later in the series. Share with your doctor that you plan to start training for a 5K run.

2. Sign up! :  Look for a 5 K event in your area for end April or May and sign up for it. Don’t worry about how you will do it. Just sign up. Here is a link that will help you locate a race close by

3. Announce it:  Once you’ve done these two steps, announce it to your world – family, friends, colleagues, and Facebook contacts.

4. Get a Group:  Get people to join your couch to 5K goal. Working with a group is fun and we all need the support. Your group can be real – from the office, building, family or virtual (friends and contacts in other geographies; use email or Skype to connect)

Next steps follow… Sign up on this site to get these blog posts via email and get your group to do the same.

Email me for questions or comments –

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