Getting off the Couch! Easy steps to start…

From Couch to 5K – the next step!

Once you’ve established the baseline parameters, here are some starting steps – especially for Couch Potatoes!

  • Start walking!  On the treadmill at the gym or at the park. If you are a complete couch potato – start with waking at a ‘conversation pace’ – that is the speed at which you can walk and talk to someone walking next to you.
  • Don’t worry about distance at this point in time – focus on time. Start with 15 min and then build up over a period of a couple of weeks.
  • As your body gets used to this pace, then start with alternating brisk walking for a couple of minutes with conversation pace walking for a couple of minutes. Play with this ratio to suit your body. You will find that you can start walking at a brisk pace for longer durations. Toggling between two speeds is known as ‘interval training’ – it applies to walking and running.
  • Let your body get used to this, and don’t be in a hurry to push yourself. Give yourself 3 weeks to build your capacity to walk for 30 mins, using interval-walking method.
  • Most importantly, learn to enjoy the walk. Use the time to think, meditate, pray, plan, observe nature, observe others, just be grateful…

Next week – some starting steps for those who’ve been doing some exercise already…

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