Getting close to your first 5 K! You are not a Couch Potato! (part 3)

From being a Couch Potato to your First 5 K – Part 3

By now you’re in the groove of walking for at least 20 to 30 minutes per day and are getting disciplined about exercise. If you’ve just joined the series then I encourage you to go back a couple of posts and ensure that you cover those starting points. Here are some pointers to move to the next level:

  • Interval running: Once your body is used to walking for at least 30 min, try and start with interval running. You can do this either on the treadmill or outdoors. For a beginner, focus on time as a metrics and not distance. Try and increase your time gradually, giving your body at least a week to get used to new time limits. Use the same principle of interval training discussed earlier. Listen to your body!!
  • Get Running Shoes: By now you should be convinced that walking/running is something that you enjoy and would like to do. So, it’s time to invest in good running shoes. These are different from the ones that you might have been using up to now. Visit a couple of good brand stores and talk to the sales person about which running shoe might be best for you. At this point, more than the brand, focus on which sales person is knowledgeable and guides you the best. You can get brand focused a bit later. 
  • A Fat Guy’s Guide to Fitness: Moving to fitness is part of your lifestyle change towards wellness.Therefore, start looking at how you can adapt your diet – slowly – to help your exercise program. This is different from ‘going on a diet’ – not recommended! Making long-term changes that suit you is the key. Learn how to do this in my book, A Fat Guy’s Guide to Fitness, available as an e-book on Amazon for 99c Or email me for a copy!
  • Completing the 5 K: We’ve not ever said that one needs to win the 5 K. Just completing it is a great experience. You don’t even have to RUN it. You can interval walk (slow/brisk) and finish it in a time that is comfortable for you. It’s a great milestone in creating a new you. 
  • Share your Success: Once you do this, please share your success with all your friends and colleagues. And do let me know too!

Good Luck! You can do it!

I’m happy to support you via email/Skype if you’re serious about this Wellness program – at no cost! 



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