Who’s got your BACK? The misery of Low Back Pain (LBP)

Who’s got your back? The misery of Low Back Pain

Latest research shows that Low Back Pain (LBP) causes more disability globally than any other condition. LBP, is defined as pain that lasts a day or longer and may or may not extend into 1 or both legs; it ranked highest in years lived with disability.

Occupational risk factors for LBP include rapid pace and repetitive nature of work tasks, heavy lifting, bending and twisting, strained postures, and inadequate recovery time between exposures. The researchers point out that ergonomic exposure is an important cause of disability in working persons e.g. prolonged sitting – in ill designed chairs and incorrect posture.

Since many of us may not be able to give up sitting in front of our systems in the near future, we can minimize the effects of LBP by getting physical exercise, focusing on weight training and strengthening back exercises, correcting posture, standing and taking walk breaks frequently, doing stretches, eating healthier, and reducing weight. All of this is, of course, much easier said than done! However, not doing anything carries major risk – especially as one gets older.

One way to help yourself is to focus on Wellness – an integrated, holistic approach to being the best you can be in all dimensions of your life (occupational, physical, social, intellectual, spiritual and emotional).

Working with a certified and experienced Wellness coach might be a first step. Connect with me if you’d like to have a chat on this!

Cited from: Low Back Pain Top Cause of Disability Worldwide. Medscape. Mar 24, 2014.


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