Don’t put Yourself and Your Kids at risk with these Fast Foods!

Given prevalence of fast foods in our diet – especially those of our children – it is important to control sugar intake. A high sugar diet leads to early onset of obesity and diabetes, and impacts not only your health, but that of your children too – especially when you factor in the reduced time kids get for physical activity. (An earlier post focuses on the danger of sweetened beverages that are now becoming the standard drink for all instead of water, and the risks of reduced physical activity.) The WHO recommends a limit of 5% of daily calorie intake from sugar, which is about 25.8gms sugar a day for a 2000-calorie diet. Here are some facts on common fast foods that hide a LOT of dangerous sugar.

Chinese Food: An all time favorite of young and old! The answer to order-ins and dining out. Chinese food is shockingly high in sugar due to the sweet, syrupy sauces that make it delicious. One serving of sweet n’ sour chicken has 3 times the WHO recommended daily limit, and even more sugar than a regular-sized Chocolate Triple Thick Shake from McDonald’s.

Coleslaw: Commercial and supermarket coleslaws are popular because they add high amounts of sugar to keep customers coming back for more.

Pasta Sauce: Readymade pasta sauces have huge amounts of sugar, even though we might think of them as savory food.

Tomato Soup: Just one cup of tomato soup is close to the daily sugar limit.

Light Yoghurt: For products that are low in fat, sugar is added to compensate for the loss in taste.

Ketchup (tomato sauce): Just one tablespoon has 4 gms – even BBQ sauces and Chinese sauces are chock full of sugar.

Given the challenges of our lifestyle would it not be wiser for you to make better diet choices? What about for your children?

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