3 Pillars of Happy Relationships

3 Pillars of Happy Relationships-06 April 2014 – by Lina Nangalia

When I reflect on happy relationships what strikes me is that people are happy in relationships when they stand on 3 pillars: they can truly BE, be the BEST they can be and be BETTER than the best.

Pillar 1: They can truly BE

Too often we try to change the person with little or no success leaving us frustrated. When you accept the other person as they are and let them be, that is a great recipe to make the other person happy.

Pillar 2: Be the BEST they can be

When you are yourself, when you are encouraging, when you give them the benefit of doubt you bring out the best in the other person and it provides them the space to be the best they can be.

Pillar 3: be BETTER than the best

You learn and grow continuously and that helps to raise the lid of the other person. This is a virtuous cycle that allows the person to be better than the best on an ongoing basis.

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