Fast n’ Processed foods, Sodas n’ Juices lead to ADDICTION

Fast food, canned drinks, packaged juices and LOW FAT products make you ADDICTS!

One of the biggest risks in the way we eat today is in the sheer amount of sugar that we ingest – sugar that is found in fast food, processed and/or canned foods, aerated drinks and packaged juices. Research suggests that this is a source of ADDICTION! Now think about how much our kids – and us – are hooked on to these foods and drinks! No wonder obesity and diabetes are rampant. The culprit is often high-fructose corn syrup that is commonly used in processed foods, pizzas, coleslaw, meat, baked products, cakes… It’s also the sweetener used in soft drinks and fruit juices. So, if you think there’s any nutritional benefit of drinking packaged fruit juice, it’s probably more than negated by the high amount of sugars that are added in to provide flavor. Think of all the cereals that our kids now eat – lots of unnecessary sugar!

Fructose is easily converted to fat in the body, AND it suppresses the action of a vital hormone called leptin, that tells your body that it’s had enough and to stop eating. When the liver is overloaded with sugars, leptin simply stops working and the body doesn’t know when its full. This leads to a vicious cycle of consumption, addiction and disease.

The other myth is that low fat products such as yoghurts, spreads, desserts and biscuits are healthier because the fat is taken out. BUT to compensate for the taste loss because the fat is taken out, it’s largely replaced with sugar. Thus, Low Fat is NOT necessarily healthier! Once again leading to the vicious cycle and addiction. Research shows that the combination of sugar, fat and salt – the common ingredients of nearly all processed and fast foods – appeals to our brains in the same way as addictive substances.

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