Plan to SLEEP well! It boosts your productivity and reduces stress.

New research shows that poor sleep health is a common problem with at least 25% of adults, who report insufficient sleep or rest at least 15 out of every 30 days. In addition to nutrition and physical activity, sleep is a critical determinant of health and well-being.

Lack of sleep influences behavior patterns that negatively affect family health and interpersonal relationships. It reduces productivity and increases the risk of errors and accidents. Irregular sleep patterns or short sleep times are associated with risk of heart disease, high blood pressure, obesity, and diabetes. Contemporary life style choices are associated with temporary fatigue, disorientation, and decreased alertness.

So, why aren’t people getting enough sleep? Putting in long hours at work and then the commute; coming home and then dealing with the chores of daily life, and finally collapsing in front of the TV are some culprits. It’s possible to catch up on sleep over the weekends, but then again weekends are so hectic that there’s hardly any time to catch up on sleep. Mondays start with a deficit and this risky cycle continues till…

What is the price that you are willing to pay for this situation? And till how long?

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