Fat around the Waist? That’s really, really BAD news!

And it’s not just about not looking good – there’s something even more dangerous going on. Fat around the waist – central adiposity or central obesity – simply speaking, is the outward sign of probably what’s happening inside your body: a dangerous build up of visceral fat. This is the fat that is build up within the body, especially around organs such as the liver and heart, and muscle. Build up of this fat means that it’s choking the effective functioning of these organs leading to potential liver damage and a strong indicator of high risk of Type 2 Diabetes.

Realise that by the time we start seeing fat round the belly, oftentimes, its already choking the internal organs!! So, there’s no consolation in thinking that one’s tummy is not as big as someone else’s – or, another myth that just a bit of fat around the waist is alright.  It’s not!  Fat around the waist is a very high risk indicator for high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, insulin resistance and Type 2 Diabetes. This risk is irrespective if you are a man or woman.

Now this does not mean that we all need to have six-pack abs, but it is a red light signalling us to evaluate our lifestyle choices: Diet, Exercise, Stress, Using food to cope with stress, Alcohol?

Did you mind just rationalise this risk away? Nothing’s going to happen to YOU?           Pinch your belly just now – and make a choice!

Make a commitment to start on your wellness journey today! Work with a wellness coach to support you. Email ajayglobalcoach@gmail.com for details.

 Reference: International Chair on Cardiometabolic Risk – Abdominal Obesity


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