Why Weight Loss Goals don’t Work!

How many times have you tried to lose weight? Tried all the latest ‘secret’ diets and ‘formulas’; even been successful for a bit…and then WHAM! It’s back to the normal overweight self. Ask almost anyone for a magic wish today and they’d probably say ‘to lose weight’. It’s this desire for a magic solution that’s filling the coffers of cosmetic clinics that do dangerous procedures under general anaesthesia without having the requisite staff and equipment on stand-by for any emergency. They also don’t tell you that what they remove surgically, comes right back on very soon! Tempted by the ads that promise you losing ‘kilos’ in just an hour – without any exercise, diet, or drugs? ‘Kilos’ of your money is what you lose!

Having a weight loss goal is a lost battle right from the start! Our society – both in personal life and work – promotes obesity: fast foods, rich foods, round the clock foods, sugary creamy coffee drinks…

Eating as a means of nourishment no longer exists. We eat for pleasure, to beat stress, as a means of socializing and as a way to beat loneliness. Combine this with long work hours, commute, after-work parties, desk jobs – no wonder most of the folks sitting around you are fat. Er… what about you? Look down? So, focusing singularly on weight loss is not likely to give you any long-term, sustainable result because the system conspires to help you fail.

Losing weight is about moving to a healthier lifestyle – it’s just one part of it. You start by connecting with your valuesyour personal values, not the (meaningless) ones on your office board! So, the starting point is neither a diet nor an exercise program. It’s figuring out what’s really important to you in your life. What do you care about? And, are you living out the things that you care about? If a healthy life-style is not one of your values, then the diet plan and exercise regime is not likely to last beyond the crisis which is just round the corner.

Would you like to move to a healthier, fitter, wellness based lifestyle? We’d be happy to support you! Connect with us on ajayglobalcoach@gmail.com.

Reference: The Diet Trap by Jason Lillis, Joanne Dahl, Sandra M. Weineland

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