‘What’s wrong with me?’ The inner voice that derails your Weight Loss plans!

Any move towards a healthier lifestyle involves struggle and frustration – especially in the starting stages. You start. You fail. You start, fail again, and frustration sets in. An inner (familiar??) voice questions ‘What’s wrong with me?’

This voice leads you to the ‘fix-me’ trap: you start looking for something that is fundamentally wrong with you: no willpower, no motivation, lack of confidence, no discipline, too much stress, genetics… Chances are that whatever answers you come up with sound and feel very true BUT are often not the whole truth.

If you believe that there’s something fundamentally wrong with you, then you want to ‘fix it’. And, if it were possible for you to fix it (whatever the ‘it’ is) THEN you’d be successful in losing weight. Then, your life will be so much better!

The fix-me trap gets in the way of a healthier life style (that includes losing weight) because you put your life on hold till you fix it. And, you never really get around to fixing it. So, the greatest stumbling block to a wellness-based life is wanting to have thoughts, feelings, behaviours, cravings, memories change or go away before you start living the way you want to.

Would you like to move to a healthier, fitter, wellness based lifestyle? We’d be happy to support you! Connect with us on ajayglobalcoach@gmail.com.

Reference: The Diet Trap by Jason Lillis, Joanne Dahl, Sandra M. Weineland

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