WHY do you want to lose Weight? Why the ‘WHY’ matters!

 If you’re like me then, one of the biggest reasons for wanting to lose weight is to feel more confident, look sexier, have fewer doubts about oneself, not feel ashamed about one’s body, not feel so…

So, losing weight becomes the way you want to really deal with some of the deeper issues going on inside – to ‘fix’ what’s going on inside. We think that losing weight is the way to get rid of guilt, shame, sadness, self-judgments or whatever else you’re battling within.

It doesn’t happen! Even, if we do lose weight, the moment it comes back on again, the voices are back with renewed negative energy: ‘you are a loser!’ Thus, the reason to lose weight has to be the right one – if it’s only about making oneself feel better or think differently, then we’re setting ourselves up for failure.

The other myth is that once I lose weight: I’ll be happy, confident, feel good with myself, look sexy, and not feel depressed… So, if weight loss efforts are essentially about fixing how you feel about your self and fixing your emotions, it’s not likely to succeed over the long term.

You can’t ‘fix’ how you feel! Self-judgments or criticisms are a part of human existence. They’re not a ‘bad’ thing. We need to learn to notice them, create space around them, and move ahead despite them – take them along with us! “Changing yourself inside is never a replacement for living. Life is in the living, the doing, the experiencing”(Lillis et al.)

Would you like to move to a healthier, fitter, wellness based lifestyle? We’d be happy to support you! Connect with us on ajayglobalcoach@gmail.com.

Reference: The Diet Trap by Jason Lillis, Joanne Dahl, Sandra M. Weineland

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