Waiting?? I’ve completed the series on Weight Loss – What are YOU still WAITING for?

Let me conclude this blog series by summarizing the key issues with WEIGHT LOSS. Most of us struggling with weight issues believe that we’re overweight because there’s something wrong with us. IF and WHEN we fix this we will be happy forever and ever. And so we focus on LOSING WEIGHT as the primary goal. While this can give results for a few in the short run, it’s hard to sustain it. We need to look at our life in a holistic way!

We need to start with understanding what’s really important for us (our values); looking what changes are needed in the way we work, socialize, manage relationships, manage stress and so on.

We start by learning to connect with whatever is going on in the moment in our thoughts and feelings (mindfulness). We then learn to get unstuck from unhelpful thoughts and feelings and let go of efforts to FIX them. We learn to create space around these difficult thoughts and feelings and work within that created space – keeping in focus the things that truly matter to us (our values) as a compass to choose our behaviors.

This is a move towards a life of Wellness – emotional, psychological, and physical. You have now set the foundation for LOSING WEIGHT and keeping it OFF.

Would you like to move to a healthier, fitter, wellness based lifestyle? We’d be happy to support you! Connect with us on ajayglobalcoach@gmail.com.

Reference: The Diet Trap by Jason Lillis, Joanne Dahl, Sandra M. Weineland

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