Wellness: Our Why? How? What?

Our Why? – Why we do what we do!

We inspire and enable Wellness at an individual and organisational level.  We believe that unless change happens from within a person, in a holistic way, it is difficult for one to inspire leadership and enhance effectiveness.  This is why we work with individuals to facilitate personal and organisational wellness along vocational, emotional, physical, spiritual, relational, and intellectual dimensions.  We hold that Wellness – individual and organisational – is the foundation for sustainable success.

Our How? – How we do it – services we offer!

  • Executive coaching / counseling for individuals and senior leadership teams
  • Wellness coaching / counseling
  • Supervision of coaches
  • Coach training
  • Culture Change projects – in coaching and Wellness

Our What? – What our clients achieve for themselves!

  • A healthier and fitter body and lifestyle
  • Less stress and more balance between work and personal life
  • Clarity on life goals and values
  • Alignment of lifestyle choices to personal values and goals
  • Business or performance results that are important to you
  • Better relationships with key stakeholders in your life
  • Personal time for self-development and learning, quite time for prayer and meditation
  • Understanding the six dimensions of Wellness in your life
  • …. ….. ….. …… ….. ….. …

Connect with us if you’d like to understand how we can make this work for you / your organisation. 

Any thoughts?

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